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Application of Shading System for Building Curtain Wall with Perforated Aluminum Plate

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Perforated curtain wall mesh , originally known as punching plate, is formed by punching on the plate of different materials.The material is mostly stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, iron plate, copper plate and so on. Different metal plates in the process are cut to the right size through different cutting. The perforation is carried out on the CNC machine tool to obtain the ideal pattern effect.

The perforation rate is the core factor that affects the perforated aluminum plate unit of building skin, and is the key to the expression of its visual integrity and the reduction of building energy consumption.

⑴ Perforation rate and visual clarity

Different perforation rate Settings of perforated aluminum plate will produce different indoor and external visual effects in the application of building skin.In the daytime, when looking from the outside to the inside, the perforated flap skin mainly expresses the whole rest effect of the building, which can avoid the change of observation from the outside to the inside, and better maintain the privacy of the interior space.When looking from the indoor to the outdoor, the perforated aluminum skin forms a certain extent of shielding to the outdoor landscape, and different perforation rates have a great difference in the degree of influence on the outdoor scene observed.When the perforation rate is low, the perforated aluminum plate has obvious shielding effect on the outdoor scene.When the perforation rate is high, the human eye can still feel the outdoor landscape activities through the pores of the perforated plate and through the principle of visual scene superposition and complement.

Perforation rate and shading effect

Through the daylighting experiment of different perforation rates, we can know that the lower the perforation rate of the perforated aluminum plate is.The better the shading effect.The lower the perforation rate, the less the high radiation deficiency, the better the shading effect.Therefore, under the premise of the same plate thickness and the same aperture size, the lower the perforation rate, the better the corresponding shading effect.

The change of the perforation rate of the perforated aluminum plate can reduce the amount of light into the room, and with the increase of the perforation rate, the lighting coefficient increases continuously.Perforated aluminum panels for meeting rooms, offices, classrooms and other Spaces lit by side Windows.

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