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Professional high security 3D Fence Panel with small rectangular apertures

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Our professional 3D security fence panels are made of close rectangular opening welded meshes with finger proof apertures. They are usually utilized with concertina and razor wires for high-class security fencing purposes. Usually supported by Y profile steel posts, the fencing system is heavily hot dipped galvanized and pvc coated to RAL standard colors.

3D fence panel337x253

Firstly, we have standarded wire diameter for 3D fence panels before PVC Coating between 3.5mm and 9.0mm. 

What’s more, the mesh opening has various sizes, such as 200mmx50mm, 150mmx50mm and so on. 

Next, the height X length has a wide scope with more than ten specifications. 

At the meanwhile, fold numbers vary from 2mm to 4mm. 

When it comes to the surface finish, we adopt the universal process named after hot dipped galvanized and PVC coated.

The post model provided has four available types, they are square and rectangular posts as well as peach and round posts.

Our product may include its accessories covered the green color.

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 Whatsapp:+8613231127750
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 Phone:+8613231127750
 skype:live:xiangyali561
 Whatsapp:+86 13231127750
 Linkedin:www.linkedin.com/in/caroline-xiang
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