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Hot DIP Galvanized Press Lock Grating Walkway Floor Steel Grating

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Hot dip galvanized press lock grating  is a versatile product that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications.Industrial bar grille products such as press-lock bar grilles provide the advantage of superior lateral support, especially when using press-lock reinforced bar grilles (as opposed to aluminum versions).It also produces a smooth, clean appearance, which is favored by architects and design professionals.What's more, pressure-lock bar gratings are durable and very easy to maintain, making them a reliable and long-term grating solution.


The production method of steel grid plate:

Pressure-welded steel grid is made of load-bearing flat steel and horizontal bars arranged at a certain distance between longitude and latitude.

Cross beam spacing:

The center spacing of adjacent two transverse bars is generally 50MM, 100, two kinds, can be produced according to customer requirements.

Load flat steel spacing:

The center distance between two adjacent loaded flat steels is generally 30MM and 40MM.

Surface treatment of steel grid plate:

Hot dip galvanizing, cold dip galvanizing, coating.

The characteristics of steel grid plate:

Save materials, save labor, save time, avoid clean and beautiful, etc.

Application of steel grid plate:

Steel structure sidewalk, foot, drainage cover and other industrial applications


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 Phone:+8613231127750
 skype:live:xiangyali561
 Whatsapp:+86 13231127750
 Linkedin:www.linkedin.com/in/caroline-xiang
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