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Good Reason for Perforated Grip

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Recently, our company export a batch of Perforated grip to America. Today let me introduce the Perf-o grip for you.

1.What is the Perforated grip ?     

is a plank metal grating offering a slightly less aggressive surface than Grip Strut. Perf-O-Grip Grating’s unique surface of large de-bossed holes and perforated buttons provides slip protection under practically all conditions. Perf-O-Grip Safety Grating is available in a wide variety of standard widths and channel heights, non-standard shapes and sizes may also be available, making Perf-O-Grip a versatile product which can be utilized to meet almost any application's requirements.

2. Perforated grip Feature:

1)Large de-bossed holes provide at least 50% free air opening

2)Smooth continuous edge of de-bossed holes prevents debris from adhering to walkway surface

3)Walking surface offers slip resistance without excessive abrasive characteristics

4)Light weight one piece metal construction

5)Virtually maintenance free

3.Perforated grip Application:

Perf-o grip safety gratings are widely used for underfoot security in loading docks, steel towers & poles, sea oil wells, mining, building constructions, canyon walkways.

-Work platforms.

-Industrial flooring.





-Storage areas.


-Stair treads.

-Ladder rungs.

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 Phone:+8613231127750
 skype:live:xiangyali561
 Whatsapp:+86 13231127750
 Linkedin:www.linkedin.com/in/caroline-xiang
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